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Sage One Paypal Integration


Use your PayPal account to receive online payments.

Sage One + PayPal

Link your PayPal account with your Sage One account to allow customers to pay their invoices online. When you link your account, a “pay with PayPal” option will be available on your customers’ invoices, and funds will be transferred to your linked account just like any other PayPal transaction. Perfect for PayPal fanatics and new users alike! Interested in setting up a PayPal account to allow your customers the option to pay their invoices online?

PayPal Sage One Integration

Learn more about PayPal and integrate with Sage One today.

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Have the power to...

Get paid faster

Your clients can pay online right away, which means you don’t need to wait for a check in the mail.1

Save time

Reduce the time needed to reconcile between credit card payments and invoices in Sage One—once a client pays online1, the status of the invoice is automatically updated.

Make your clients happy

Allow your clients the convenience of paying their invoice online—your customers will thank you for it.1

Stay secure

Know that payments made through PayPal are safe and secure; payments are protected by bank-grade encryption.

Choose how your customers pay

Use PayPal as an alternative or additional payment option for your customers to pay online.1

Improve your business

PayPal helps you provide your customers with easy and secure methods to pay for your products and services while you spend less time sorting through checks and reconciling payments.1

Free online accounting2

Gratis. No-cost. No matter what you call it, getting started with Sage One won’t cost you a penny. Sage One makes online accounting and invoicing simple so you can focus on what you love and get back to business.

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No credit card required3

  1. Online payment options available in U.S. dollars only.
  2. Certain limitations apply to Sage One Accounting Free accounts. For details visit
  3. To subscribe to Sage One Accounting Premium, a valid credit card is required to activate service. To ensure continuous service, your Sage One subscription plan is an automatically renewing plan. Subsequent months will be automatically billed to the same credit card each month on the anniversary date of your purchase. You may terminate the plan at any time prior to your renewal date and not be charged for the renewal.

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