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Now you can instantly track depreciation of your small business assets in the cloud.

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Why your small business needs Sage Fixed Assets Online

Saves money

Choosing the right depreciation method for an asset can have a huge positive impact on your business's profitability. Sage Fixed Assets Online allows you to instantly see which depreciation method is best for your business.

Ensures compliance

Turn potential tax penalties into cost savings! Your business must ensure it is in compliance with ever-changing governmental regulations. And that's no easy task. Sage Fixed Assets Online will make it easier to stay up to date and in compliance.

Makes it easy

Managing the depreciation of your fixed assets can be a monumental task if you do not have the right tools. Managing fixed assets with spreadsheets or other manual methods can also easily lead to errors and trouble in the event of an audit.
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The business problem

Managing depreciations

Managing the depreciation of your fixed assets can be a monumental task if you do not have the right tools. The detailed administrative tasks required to manage and track the depreciation of fixed assets effectively can overwhelm a small business.

Depreciation methods

There are many different methods to depreciate an asset, generally based on either the passage of time or the level of usage of the asset. These methods include MACRS 150 percent and 200 percent (formulas and tables), straight-line, declining balance, sum-of-the-years-digits—to name just a few. Choosing the best depreciation method can have a huge positive impact on a business.

Regulatory compliance

Acronyms for regulatory agencies, laws, and even forms run the gamut: IRS, IFRS, GAAP, SOX, GASB, CCA, T2S8, and a business must ensure that it is in compliance with all these governmental regulations. Interpretation error in tax rules, including exemptions, can mean the difference between major penalties and major cost savings.

“Now we can track our assets with ease and depreciate our assets like we should.”

Jason Anthony
President, Speak!

Features and Benefits

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Sage Fixed Assets

Track all your fixed assets

You can track your assets by Asset ID, Location, Serial #, Department, GL Account info, and other asset data.

Sage Fixed Assets

Model depreciation methods instantly

User-defined depreciation methods including straight-line, declining balance, sum-of-the-years-digits, remaining value over remaining life, MACRS, and ACRS.

Sage Fixed Assets

Capture the information you need

Nineteen user-defined custom fields to help manage and capture asset information according to business processes.

Sage Fixed Assets

Complete audit trail

Complete audit trail capability for changes made to asset or book data; changes are captured in detail in history, including who made what changes and when.

Sage Fixed Assets

In the cloud

No IT infrastructure needed other than a computer connected to the Internet. Anytime, anywhere access to your data. And no need to worry about upgrades and backups. It's all included.

Sage Fixed Assets

Scalable and secure

Sage Fixed Assets Online is a secure platform utilizing Microsoft Azure’s security features, including 24-hour monitored physical security, antivirus/antimalware protection, intrusion detection and DDoS, and password and data encryption.

Pricing information

Managing the depreciation of your fixed assets can be a monumental task if you do not have the right tools.

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Comprehensive depreciation calculations check check check check
Compliance with U.S. tax rules and IRS regulations check check check check
Complete audit trail check check check check
ERP integration check check check
Asset disposal management check check check check
Multiple company setup check check
Canadian regulations and T2S8 capital cost allowance check check
Customizable fields 19 20 28 28
Standard reports 1 24 28 28
Short years Unlimited 5 20 Unlimited
Asset import tool check check check check

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