Why you should mentor a younger accounting professional
June 15, 2016

Becoming an accountant or bookkeeper sounds easy, but we all know it requires a lot of people skills in addition to knowledge of math and tax laws. It's not hard to imagine new recruits getting lost in the storm of their first few months on the job and ultimately deciding to trade it for something easier - computer programming, for instance. You have a ton of professional wisdom and experience to impart, and what could be more rewarding than helping someone else? Here are a few reasons why you should become an accounting or bookkeeping mentor:

To prepare the next generation of accounting and bookkeeping professionals
Like it or not, millennials are here to stay. Pew Research recently proclaimed individuals ages 18 to 34 are now the largest working generation within the U.S., eclipsing baby boomers by half a billion. Many people find these young workers elusive as they have a tendency to job hop and eschew loyalty to one company. However, research from Deloitte found millennials don't switch professions on a whim. Rather, they leave because they're searching for a company that invests in their professional development.

Being a mentor shows these workers you care about their personal and professional well-being. Plus, the personal attention helps millennials increase their performance and become more productive. Sixty-one percent of Deloitte's respondents said they benefit from having mentors to answer questions, provide advice and help develop leadership skills.

Most of us don't want to work forever, but the thought of leaving our clients in incapable hands is just as nauseating. Mentoring a protege ensures your business thrives while you enjoy your golden years.

To increase your job satisfaction
Being a mentor doesn't just help others. According to Forbes, it also benefits you and your profession. Helping others and offering advice increases our sense of satisfaction, and the constant interaction with another accountant or bookkeeper transforms a frustrating day into a rewarding one.

As a mentor, you'll come to understand how your work processes look from an outsider's point of view. Mentorship is a chance for you to really evaluate what you do well versus what can be improved. In addition, it gives you the chance to revisit past experiences - both positive and negative - and remind yourself what really works in the accounting and bookkeeping profession.

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