Stress reducing tips for accountants
October 09, 2015

Accountants can often feel overwhelmed with the amount of work they have. This can lead to high amounts of stress, which can in turn cause poor health and mistakes. While a heavy workload isn't exactly a bad thing, accountants need to be able to handle the work they have and the stress that comes with it. Here are five ways accountants can work to reduce the amount of stress they feel on a regular basis.

1. Work with clients on year round record keeping
According to Health in Harmony, one of the best ways to help keep stress levels low is to work with tax clients year round on their record keeping. When clients keep more organized, complete records throughout the year, the amount of work accountants have during the tax season is reduced. Too many accountants spend an exorbitant amount of time sifting through a disorganized mess of files at the end of the year. By encouraging and helping clients manage their financial information better throughout the year, it makes everything easier to handle.

High-quality, easy-to-use accounting software is a good idea for clients, especially business clients. While personal finances usually don't call for such technology, any business needs to have a comprehensive, up-to-date accounting tool to manage financial information. Accountants should make a recommendation to their clients who run businesses.

2. Plan and organize every day
Organization is key to many professions, but especially to accountants. According to Accounting Web, it's worth it to take time out of your day to organize and schedule all of the tasks and work that needs to be done. Also, using accounting software can help manage individual client's records, making it easier to complete work.

3. Utilize the best tools
Accountants shouldn't use outdated technology to try and manage client's work. Old technology isn't always compatible with new systems. This can cause problems and frustrations when trying to complete tasks. Accountants should invest in new technology every few years to ensure that they can get work done in a smart and efficient manner.

4. Have a support team
The team of people who provide support don't have to necessarily have to be coworkers/colleagues. They can be the people who bring you happiness, like friends and family. If, however, there is simply too much work, first consider hiring someone who can help with organization. A secretary or assistant is usually a logical first step. With all of the personal assistant services out there, like Zirtual or eaHELP, it is easy to hire a service instead of an employee, which works better for many independent accountants or small accounting firms. 

5. Stay healthy
Health in Harmony stated that accountants will feel less stressed if they eat well, get plenty of rest and exercise regularly. It can be easy for accountants to work all day and then come home and do nothing but relax, but that is just too much of a sedentary lifestyle. Because accountants do most of their work at a desk, they need to exercise outside of work and eat healthy. The better care accountants take of their bodies, the less stress will negatively affect them.

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