Mid-market may be the best fit for new recruits
April 14, 2015

Starting out in any field fresh out of the classroom is a daunting endeavor. Many recent graduates of programs have a target environment where they'd like to work, especially if they've specialized in a specific area such as internal auditing or even general accounting. As midsize firms look to expand their growth, experts assert that the best place to launch a career is in either a small or medium company, reported Accountemps in a recent survey. Not only are grads suited for these sizes, but it would appear that they benefit from having a fresh perspective in the office.

1. Gaining exposure
As many new professionals venture into their chosen fields, the main problem they run into is that they lack the hands-on experience for certain jobs. Fortunately for new accountants and CPAs, smaller companies offer a wide range of possibilities for recruits. Larger firms may only be advertising for expertise in credit and collections or tax accounting, and smaller firms have employees working on a variety of areas to fill needs as they arise, noted the source.

2. Imminent growth
According to AccountingToday, the International Federation of Accountants recently conducted a survey and midsize firms are expected to see growth in tax and general advisory services. With bigger numbers on the horizon, firms will certainly be on the lookout for accountants to come in and be a part of the team. The source also indicated that more firms are choosing to join member organizations, opening up various opportunities to meet like-minded individuals and have access to accounting resources.

3. Personal growth
Of course, there are appropriate times and places to enter into a large-scale office, but the beginning of a career is perhaps not the right time. In a smaller setting, employees (especially new ones) can have more hands-on experience with different practices and can foster friendships with an entire office. There are bound to be questions and concerns during the first few months of a new accountant's time at a firm, and midsize companies are innately more intimate. This makes it more likely for someone to reach out for assistance rather than feeling lost in the hubbub of the numbers and the stress.

Midsize firms can take on the air of a family, while still adhering to the accounting standards to which they are bound. Maybe some accountants will choose to move up and out, but the "just right" feeling of a midsize firm is a great place to start.

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