How to stay active at the office
October 20, 2015

As an accountant, you spend a large portion of your day at work, which usually means a lot of time sitting behind a desk utilizing accounting software. DIY Genius cited data from a Medical billing and Coding infographic that showed how bad sitting for more than six hours per day is for you. According to the research, sitting for a long period of time daily can increase risk of death by 40 percent. While many accountants can't help the fact that they sit a lot, there are things they can do to stay active in the office and ward off any ill effects sitting may cause.

Always take the stairs
If you work in a building that has multiple levels, taking the stairs instead of the elevator is a great way to stay active, according to The Guardian. A good thing about taking the stairs is you can do this without disrupting your daily routine.

Walk around the office whenever you can
Another easy way to stay active is to walk the halls of the office or walk over to your boss when you have questions instead of emailing. When you feel like you need a quick break from online invoicing, get up and walk to the break room or walk down to the restroom and back. Getting up and moving about the office will not only help you ward off the negative aspects of a sedentary lifestyle, but it will also help you clear your head so you can come at your work with a fresh mind.

Get a standing or treadmill desk
Got no time for the occasional jaunt around the office? Consider a standing desk. While a standing desk isn't as healthy as consistent movement, it's much better for you than sitting all day. According to Readers Digest, standing desks can help improve posture and burn more calories throughout the day. If you want to go even further and have some extra space, consider purchasing a treadmill desk. That way you can walk and work at the same time.

Go for a couple walks throughout the day
If a treadmill desk seems a bit much and you're not ready to switch to a standing desk, at least make sure you're going for a few walks outside of the office. Lunchtime is perfect for taking a nice stroll around the block. While many people tend to work through lunch, taking some time to go for a walk and collect your thoughts will likely help you get things done.

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