Help your clients understand the importance of accounting software
July 08, 2016

Experienced accountants and bookkeepers know that working efficiently translates to happier clients and less work for themselves. Particularly in the U.S., accountants and bookkeepers seek flexibility and heightened work/life balance. For instance, data from the IMA Global Salary Survey found only 18 percent of management accountants enjoy a rigid work schedule.

Accountants and bookkeepers are essential to the success of any business. One important role they play is advising their clients on the best software, solutions and tools to keep their finances organized. Accounting software is a crucial piece of the puzzle, and one that translates to less manual entry for accountants and bookkeepers and the ability to keep tabs on clients' finances in real time. How can you effectively make that case to your clients? Here are three important steps:

1. Conduct an Efficiency Analysis 
As the Houston Chronicle pointed out, accounting software helps businesses process their accounts with greater speed than manual processing and automates otherwise tedious, time-consuming tasks. Accountants and bookkeepers should sit down with their clients to discuss their daily tasks. By analyzing clients' efficiencies and where they can improve, accountants and bookkeepers can illustrate tangible ways they can save time by using this software throughout the day.

2. Illustrate cost savings
Of course, working more efficiently leads directly to cost savings. Businesses hire accountants and bookkeepers to ensure they are spending and investing wisely. One way to be a strategic business partner is to demonstrate how the relationship can help clients save money long term. Accountants and bookkeepers should have tools and resources prepared to help show clients that leveraging accounting software saves them money and reduces accounting fees.

3. Discuss the industry
According to a survey by the AICPA Private Companies Practice Section and the Texas Society of CPAs, 90 percent of respondents agree the delivery of digital business processes to clients will become a key differentiator among accounting firms in the next five years. Accountants and bookkeepers should urge their clients to use accounting software by discussing industry adoption on a larger scale. Competitors that use this software are in a position to earn greater revenue and complete tasks faster. As a result, they are able to focus more on strategic business growth. It is important to keep clients informed of their tech-savvy competitors so they do not fall behind.

Accountants and bookkeepers already know the value of accounting software, and it is in their best interest to help their clients understand, too. The best partners are those who have time to conduct real financial analyses that help businesses grow and engage in more strategic long-term decision making. When partnering with a new business, accountants and bookkeepers should make it a priority to discuss the importance of accounting software, which will help keep clients happier and lead to less work for everyone.

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