Don't go it alone: How partners can help you succeed
May 23, 2016

Being an accounting professional can be a lonely, hectic and stressful job. You are tasked with doing all you can to help your clients achieve their financial and business goals, while doing the same for your own practice. While this may be a bit of an overwhelming reminder, an accountant's network can take some of the weight off of your shoulders and be a partner in your success.

Benefits of being part of a network
Joining a network of like-minded professionals provides a host of advantages to boost bottom lines. One benefit of joining a network is the opportunity it offers to foster relationships with your peers and industry leaders. These individuals offer the possibility for mentoring and guidance, which will help you refine your goals. They also provide a diverse set of viewpoints, allowing you to consider things from a different angle.

In fact, Accounting Today recently underscored that a diversity of perspectives is important to your practice, and its ultimate success depends on a firm's ability to consider and incorporate ideas outside industry norms. Access to a wide network benefits these efforts.

Networking with industry peers can also ensure you stay current with industry trends, new regulations and improved processes for practice management and client interfacing. These networks hold regular seminars and conferences to learn new skills or refine old ones. These groups also offer access to online resources, so anytime you have a question, you can make sure you get it answered.

According to SmallBizTrends, some of the "game-changing" benefits of networks include credibility and following, industry and local brand leadership and real-time information exchange. Now, it's time to find a network.

Evaluating your tech choices
Increasingly, these professional networks are moving online and being hosted by the industry's leading software solutions providers. These providers' networks can offer you access to tens of thousands of accounting professionals, designated support services, discounts to pass on to your clients and more.

With these online networks as a partner, you have with you the tools you need to help you and your clients succeed. In essence, with these tech solutions, you're becoming a part of a network of like-minded people - other accountants and bookkeepers - that assist you in improving your practice and providing more value to your clients.

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