Delivering more than what your clients expect
May 02, 2016

Accountants and bookkeepers already know what their clients expect, and they deliver. But there are some things these professionals can do to exceed their clients' expectations - and in ways they weren't expecting.

Review and redefine the traditional

Expanding how accountants and bookkeepers understand their roles within a business or to clients is critical to achieving better results and greater satisfaction. This requires embracing a more technologically defined future, according to Accounting Today.

Algorithms, computing power and automation are threatening the traditional role accounting professionals have played. However, the solution is not to lash out against new modes of accomplishing old tasks. Rather, it is about pinpointing the tasks that machines cannot complete or do as well as a human. This includes communication, empathy and creative problem-solving, and it's how accounting professionals can differentiate themselves both from their machine and human competitors.

Communication opens the door

As computers free accountants and bookkeepers from their perceived roles as "number-crunchers," they can spend more time learning to interpret and communicate these figures in a manner that is easy to comprehend and supports clients' abilities to enhance their decision-making processes.

Further, the more accountants and bookkeepers embrace technology, understanding it as a means to discover new opportunities and succeed on higher levels, and acknowledging their role as a translator and shepherd to these benefits, the more able accounting professionals will be able to deliver more insightful reports and analysis to clients. Such connections can only serve to enhance accountants' and bookkeepers' resilience in a changing industry.

Getting out the door and talking to clients

Ditching the office allows accounting professionals to get to know clients' businesses first-hand, putting a face to the processes and learning how organizations are run. For the time-strapped, boosting your standing with clients can be as simple as picking up the phone to thank them or spending time speaking with them at events outside the company, wrote Accountants Daily. In such environments, accounting professionals can showcase how knowledge outside the realm of spreadsheets and reports can strengthen perceptions of them as not only a subject expert but a thought leader and potential advisor.

In the short-term, this can help accounting professionals identify value in places algorithms simply cannot. In the long-term, as businesses see greater success, their accounting partners will likely as well, be it a boosted reputation, greater number of clients or more resiliency in the market.

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