Benefits of a hybrid accounting solution for accountants and bookkeepers
March 15, 2016

Most people think of hybrids in terms of vehicles, but what about when applied to software? A hybrid solution takes the best of two different technologies and combines them into one. This makes the software perfect for accountants and bookkeepers.

Desktops and clouds
Developers put their all into creating technology to install directly onto computers. Software updates come with new features and upgrades, making the product a better offer for businesses as the years progress. While accountants and bookkeepers are used to local solutions, such setups do have a few problems. Most notably, desktop solutions haven't adapted to the evolving nature of business. 

One frequent complaint among accounting professionals is that they can't work out of the office if the software they need is on their professional computer. As work lives are more flexible than ever, accountants and bookkeepers are left frustrated and unproductive.

This limitation works both ways. Small-business owners with their own accounting software face difficulties when working with outside firms. If the accountant or bookkeeper needs to bring their client's data with them, that information has to be exported, then placed on a flash drive or sent through emails. Small businesses can't edit or update their accounting information until the data is returned to them.

Such limitations are why some have made the switch to cloud software. These solutions have been available for businesses and consumers for some time. Their greatest benefit is their portability - individuals can access the same information while in the office or on the go. Unfortunately, while cloud computing has come far since its origins, solutions for accountants and bookkeepers haven't kept up with their needs. They're not as robust as their desktop counterparts - certain features just don't exist in the cloud, making it hard for accountants and bookkeepers to complete certain tasks.

Bringing the two together
This is where hybrid solutions come into play. By combining the best of both desktop and cloud options, hybrid accounting software truly benefits accountants and bookkeepers.

Desktop accounting software is familiar, dependable and intuitive. It's also very comprehensive and lets individuals complete their work with one product. Meanwhile, cloud solutions provide access to everyone who needs it, including authorized third parties. The software is more secure than emailing data and more reliable than putting records on a flash drive. What's more, data is automatically saved and accessible wherever there's an Internet connection.

A product that combines successful aspects of cloud and desktop accounting software, such as Sage 50c, provides accountants and bookkeepers with everything they need whenever and wherever they need it.

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