5 ways accountants can be more productive
October 22, 2015

If there is one thing many accountants don't have enough of it's time. While you can't always use every second of the day to the fullest, there are steps you can take to improve productivity. Here are five ways to improve productivity and get more things done as the day goes on:

1. Control meetings
Meetings are known to take up long portions of the day without really helping you or anyone else get a lot done. By keeping a closer eye on your meetings and the time they take up, you can help to improve productivity in the conference room and the rest of your day. According to the Mompreneur Showcase Group Inc., you should work hard to only hold meetings when it's absolutely necessary; keep meetings short and within the designated time frame and assign tasks to the meeting. Keeping everything planned out will help reduce the amount of time spent rambling in meetings, which can considerably increase the amount of time everyone spends in the conference room.

2. Schedule out and prioritize your day
The same attention you devote to scheduling out your meetings can be spent on your everyday schedule. When you know what's coming and what's next, you won't waste time figuring out what's next. In addition to scheduling out your day it's a good idea to prioritize the tasks on your schedule. Which ones need to be done first? What has to be done a certain times of the day? By answering questions like this, you'll make sure to get the important tasks done.

3. Make the most out of small moments
According to Inc., a lot can be done in a short amount of time. The publication suggested implementing the two-minute rule, meaning if you see something that can be completed in two minutes, do it right away. By getting small items out of the way, you're eliminating tasks you'll have to come back to later. Also, by doing this, you can gain some momentum and really feel like you're getting things done.

This can be hard to practice with a prioritized schedule, so it may take you some time to find a balance. Between focusing on the right things first and knocking out small tasks as they come up, you can really get a lot done. Remember to prioritize first and then look for opportunities throughout the day to get small two-minute tasks done. 

4. Use the right technology
Accountants have to utilize tools to do their jobs. The better the tools, the easier it is to get everything accomplished. If you're serious about improving your productivity, consider purchasing new accounting software that will allow you to get more done throughout the day.

Cloud accounting software can be a smart investment if you haven't already made the switch. This technology allows you to access important data and capabilities from anywhere and with any device. This means you can work in the location where you are the most efficient, or you can even move from one workspace to another if you get tired of a certain setting. 

5. Take breaks
Although it may seem counter-productive, taking occasional breaks can help you reset your mind and focus on upcoming tasks. When you sit at your desk all day, it can be hard to work to the best of your ability. Getting up and moving around can have a positive effect on your productivity and quality. According to Inc., certain studies have shown that it is most productive to take breaks after you complete an especially difficult task. Your brain simply can't function to the best of its ability at full-tilt all day long. 

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