3 ways the cloud can benefit your firm
September 09, 2016

Accountants and bookkeepers have something very important in common with the rest of the world. These professionals now rely on the cloud as one of the most valuable technologies at their disposal. There's no question cloud technology has permeated every area of business in the U.S. For instance, RightScale found hybrid cloud adoption rose from 58 percent in 2015 to 71 percent in 2016.

Considering the important role they play ensuring their clients' long-term business success, it makes sense accountants and bookkeepers want to invest in the cloud. After all, clients will favor business partners like lawyers, accountants and marketing agencies that are fully up to speed with the technologies they use in their own businesses. Here are three ways cloud accounting technology benefits accounting and bookkeeping practices:

1. Saves time and increases productivity
According to an infographic by TrackVia, 59 percent of companies that use the cloud are likely to see productivity benefits. It's no surprise the cloud saves time and boosts efficiency. Cloud software helps bring time-consuming, manual business processes online, makes security a company-wide responsibility and provides added flexibility without cumbersome paper trails. Move away from the spreadsheets and into the automated, accurate world of cloud computing. 

2. Serves your clients better
A spike in productivity and improved speed in accounting and bookkeeping translates to happier clients. Moreover, the cloud enables firms to collaborate with clients in real-time through advanced digital technologies. By moving manual or lengthy in-person processes online, accountants and bookkeepers can spend less time on administrative tasks and more effort on valuable partnerships with clients that boost ROI. 

3. Promotes business growth
Above all, cloud accounting software is a valuable tool for long-term business growth. Improved productivity means time for better innovation and more personalized client interactions. As Inc. Magazine pointed out, moving to the cloud helps speed up traditional workflows and inspires teams to find new ways to work together. As a result, accounting firms that use cloud technology stand in a better petition to evolve and compete in the market. 

In the constantly transforming field of accounting and bookkeeping, innovation and adaptability are crucial. To stay ahead of the competition and continue to grow, firms must find ways to make the most of the benefits of cloud technology.

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