3 things to help you identify where your firm is in its cloud journey
June 08, 2016

Cloud-based software brings numerous benefits to accountants and bookkeepers. Some firms are stuck in their ways, however, and haven't realized how cloud applications make life easier and increase productivity. Here are three ways to identify where you are in your cloud journey:

1. All of your software is confined to the office, but your employees need to work on the go
As Quartz noted, more people are taking advantage of opportunities to work from home. Doing so promotes a healthy work-life balance, increases job satisfaction and results in higher productivity. Sometimes, accountants and bookkeepers work on the go as they attend conferences, travel to meet clients and more. Since these excursions are business-related, accountants and bookkeepers need access to the applications and files necessary to conduct their work.

If employees at your firm travel and work from home more often, it's time to upgrade to cloud-based accounting software. Cloud solutions are accessible from almost anywhere - all employees need is a device with an internet connection. One could claim that flash drives and the like are just as portable, but these are limited in the amount of data they can store. Cloud accounting programs are designed to support the storage needs of entire enterprises.

2. Your firm spends an excessive amount of time on data entry
How long does it take your accountants and bookkeepers to process payroll, sort through customer receipts, send out bills, process checks and other such day-to-day tasks? These assignments aren't exactly cumbersome, but they are boring, repetitive and take up a lot of valuable time.

Automating these features through cloud-based solutions frees accountants and bookkeepers to handle more clients and provide better service. With this increased productivity, your firm can expand and gain a greater market share. During a presentation at the AICPA Practitioners Symposium and TECH+ Conference, representatives from various accounting firms detailed their switch to cloud accounting. According to Accounting Web, Jody Padar of New Vision CPA Group talked about how the increased productivity from cloud solutions allowed her firm to charge three times more from her clients based on the added services they were now able to provide them.

3. You base decisions off out-dated information
A client's finances change minute by minute, and accountants and bookkeepers need real-time information to provide top-notch advice. Unfortunately, many rely on receipts and bank statements that are days or weeks old. In addition, sometimes accountants and bookkeepers need files that other people in the firm edited.

Evaluating your firm based on these three criteria will help you determine if it's time to upgrade to a cloud accounting solution. Sage Impact, a cloud resource for accountants and bookkeepers, helps you run efficiently and effectively.

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